As a retired American living in Thailand for more than 3 years full time now I can share that Thailand offers a lot with regard to free, affordable, relaxed living that also brings various investment options. I’m not a fan of the word retirement, so instead I like to call it “relaxed living”.

For myself, being a business owner in California became a grind consisting of serving and paying for a lifestyle that was simply getting too expensive to maintain and was becoming non-rewarding on a personal level. And after the 2007 financial collapse, with new state and federal regulations surmounting, costs became too difficult for an SMB to effectively survive; I’d had enough and wanted change.

My first visit to Thailand in 2009 was an eye opening experience, as I’d been told Thailand was dangerous due to government turnovers and conflicts. What I discovered was quite the opposite; a culture rapidly evolving into a significant economy and way of life. For me, this Buddhist derived society was exactly what I was looking for… culture, affordability, resources, and easier travelling opportunities.

We’ve been hearing news reports that Social Security may be seeing its last generation of payees and that personal retirement planning is becoming more and more important. Common financials vehicles for retirement include IRA, 401K… but what if you could expand your investment options. Here is an interesting article on moving all or part of you IRA/401k overseas for investment options>

I’d discovered a great ROI investment in hotel properties in SE Asia. This link shares more information on how to recieve 9% net return on investments starting at $100K USD . These investments payout monthly and bring great options to build wealth on a semi-conservative level >

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US Retirement Planning – Compare Return

Financial Planning for Relaxed Living in SE Asia

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