There is no doubt a lot of eyes are on the ASEAN community for ripe investments. It is the darling of the next economy and everyone knows it. As the populations emerge into newer technologies and homestead styles, the avenues for commerce are endless. The trainable workforce labor alone is a commodity that any company is looking at.

So, when is the right time to invest? When you have liquid cash to roll the dice for more than 5 years. Short term gains can vet roughly 5% annual on rental property and possibly some equity, but unless you know your areas and urban sprawl predictions, don’t count on it.

That being said, the market is ripe for long term investment and those willing to go the long haul. There is an interesting factor in the Thai market; most Thai people will not sell short… good or bad, it adds a sustaining element to the market.

Here is an interesting article release regarding property oppuntity from one of our partners.

A recent article from our partners at Thailand Property
Property Speculation in Thailand

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