You may have heard stories or even some of posts published on how easy it is to retire in Thailand.  There’s so much to cover on this topic. I can only surmise that is culturally, economically, futuristically a very sensible consideration.

Some of the resources available in Thailand for US citizens actually stem back during the late King Rama IX’s reign. The King was actually born in Cambridge Massachusetts and was very respected and revered where he would attend classes and seminars at Harvard, MIT, as well as other schools where he gathered some of his important thoughts. I suspect as a result from such, there were certain provisions created that make it attractive for Americans and other Expats to actually live, work, or retire comfortably here in Thailand.

KTBF – The King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation

KTBF – The King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation

The King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation: Vinit Kongkadee, Designer



Trail of Thai Royalty in Massachusetts

Trail of Thai Royalty in Massachusetts

The King of Thailand Birthplace Foundation (KTBF) “Preserve a piece of Thai history” Trail of Thai Royalty in Massachusetts 191…


Culture of Thailand

I found myself here about 10 years ago after some difficult changes in my own life. Discovering an affinity for the basic approach of the Buddhist philosophy; self responsibility and self-reflectiveness. Not to go too far down this path, but I really think if adopted even in accompaniment with one’s own theologies, they would find great comfort and resolve within it.

I have found the Thais are an amazingly friendly and peaceful people (having never been colonized.. imagine that..) who deal with life in a more playful, yet more self responsible way. They are an emerging country (I snicker when I hear folks refer to Thailand as third world.. )

Cost of Living in Thailand

On the financial side it’s very comparable to living in lower-cost economies in the US; I would estimate about a fifth of what it cost to live in California or Hawaii, which stem from my own experiences. Like most places there are hot spots that are more expensive. But the interesting thing about Thailand is even within those economies, there are affordable places where you can live comfortably on even a meager budget.

New offshoot ideas for retirement investing returns

Also, there are safe and legal tax free procedures to moving an IRA or 401K type retirement vehicle from the US abroad, and make money off of your money with little or no tax consequence.  This is a little known nugget that I’ve uncovered while networking here.  <read more>

Future of Thailand

Bangkok’s Expanding Infrastructure

The upside swing toward future planning is that Thailand is one of the top 20 growing populations in the world, and they’ve suitably planned infrastructure to support as such. Even though Thailand may have been blacklisted from U.S. and Canadian investment advisories, there have been many other countries who continued to invest and help build the infrastructure here. The sunrise opportunity, I would call it, is that what the election nearing in February, a significant growth of speculative investment is anticipated by many, and then a higher number of investor/followers  to flood the market. There is no argument at Southeast Asia at southeast Asia is the next economy.. and Thailand’s Bangkok has been identified as the golden child. With as much infrastructure now available to support as much land, the opportunities are ripe for companies to move here with workforces within Thailand and surrounding countries are plentiful and affordable.

The thing I enjoy about Thailand most as you have three different economies existing in harmony at the same time. Bangkok is getting a bit more difficult where eminent domain tend to push urban sprawl off the grid; but the Thais amazingly gain a ‘sabai’ (accept as it is) nature, then adapt and create their next business opportunity. It’s a rather interesting relationship with the philosophy of work here, tied to some good strategic thinking that helps raise the bar of opportunities here. That being said sometimes things are slow to change here when it comes to social awareness, as in driving which can be a little bit of an adventure at times.

An Americans Perspective of Thailand

The interesting thing is Thailand is learning quickly, much more quickly than we did in America, on how to take care of things, straighten things out, and set things on course. Oddly I feel like a bigger brother/uncle in a sense, but I also feel a student to the philosophy of Buddhism; how it really affects ones thinking and attitude.  I can share that I literally get depressed every time I would return back to the states… a sort of yearning to ‘get home’.  I’ve found my home and do plan on doing more travelling, but this will be my homebase, of that I feel confident.


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Can I Really Retire in Thailand?

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